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Yummy! 滨江老底子的味道,让人口水直流~

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What are the most authentic flavors of Binjiang?

Do you want to be a native foodie?

Lets look for the delecable traditioanl dishes in Binjiang.


Qunle Restaurant


Founded in 1983, Qunle Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Binjiang.

作为创始于1983年“老”店, 群乐也算得上是滨江年数最长的饭店之一了。


Location:No. 1197 Binan Road

Numerous celebrities such as Jack Ma, Stephen Chow, Han Meilin and so on have visited here in the past 30 years, which strongly proves its good taste.


A large-scale restaurant as it is, the ordering here is as simple as that of food stalls. You can take any well-prepared raw material you see without worry of short measures and they will be cooked in the kitchen.

The specialties are characterized by farm dishes, among which soft-boiled chicken, braised pork and Qiantang River fish gain most popularity.


Braised meat红烧肉

It is strongly recommended to order soft-boiled chicken that is raised in a semi-natural environment in the mountain of Haining. People can smell the flavor of “braised meat” when entering the restaurant.


Besides the specialties mentioned above, the most recommended dish is fish of Qiantang River. Fish is steamed after it is killed to en买完票sure perfect flavor and freshness. Though it has lots of spines, it enjoys a reputation for its delicacy and freshness.


Xiling Restaurant


Eating in the Xiling restaurant is also a good choice for Binjiang locals for its cost-effective price, passionate service, fresh ingredients and authentic taste.



Location:No. 118 Binan Road (near Xixing Metro Station)

Since “A Taste of Hangzhou” the Asian Cusine Festival was held recently, a large number of people have known the specialty of Xiling restaurant called “Tall Grannys Fish Ball”.


“Tall Granny” called by Binjiang locals, is a nickname of a 70遂合谋实施抢劫筹上费。3时许-years-old lady named Dai Wenying on the account of her height. She ran a restaurant with her husband when she was young. At that time, the fish balls made by themselves were extremely popular attracting numerous guests. With great fame, the name of “Tall Granny Fish Ball” has accepted by the public, growing into a special dish here.



Despite Tall Granny’s fish ball, soft-boiled chicken, steamed abalone with shark’s fin and fish maw, braised intestine, sizzling taro and so on ... Each dish has its own flavor, which reflects its authetic flavor of Binjiang.


Team Nineteen Restaurant


This is probably the most famous but down-to-earth restaurant in Binjiang.


Location:No. 125 Zhenqian Road (near Puyan Road)

The small restaurant gives people a sense of history from its name. Beginning as a small noodle restaurant attached to the 19th production team of Puyan Commune, Team Nineteen Restaurant was firstly run by Lai Baoqin and other three aunts.


They bought this noodle restaurant after the combination of the production teams and the name of Team Nineteen has been used for 39 years.


The restaurant has no menu. From the first noodle restaurant to the five dishes, then to the dishes filled with freezer, dishes and prices are wrote on a 1980s blackboard and this blackboard not only records how Binjiang locals grow and get aging, but also writes down a food memory for a generation of local people.


It is strongly recommended to taste braised pig intestine here. Washed clearly by coarse salt, rinsed twice by clean water, simmered for over one hours with small fire, cooked excellently by these four aunts, the braised pig intestine tastes crispy but not fishy. And its nice to be dipped in the soup.


Binan Restaurant


Founded in 1996, Binan hotel is almost as old as Binjiang district. From the original roadside store to the chain restaurant today, the success of Binan relies on the reassuring material selection and cooking.


Location:No. 399 Xixing Road

With a new decoration style the environment changes a lot while the taste of dishes is same as before.

The specialties are characterized by farm dishes and fresh fish from the Qiantang river, just the same as decades ago. Like the most popular dish “stir-fried bamboo shoots with pickles” in restaurant, it is ordinary but unforgettable.


The tender bamboo shoots served with the salty pickles. It is the best parterner for a bowl of rice. There is no doubt that it is the dish with the highest order rate in the restaurant and has been praised as “the best bamboo shoot in Hangzhou” by diners.


In addition to seasonal fresh vegetables, the platoon also cant be missed. The selected pork ribs with secret sauce tastes crisp ouside and tender inside. You will be addicted to the fragrance once have a bite.


Stir-fried Duck


Crispy Sausages

Stir-fried wild duck, crispy sausage and so on are all home-cooked dishes and the very flavor we are looking for.


Xingle Restaurant

This old restaurant of the late 1980s was originally called the Wawa restaurant. It is popular among diners because of its high quality with low price, as well as its authentic way of cooking.



Location:No. 317 Qifei Road

The old restaurant opened in 1989, and for the first ten years, the besiness was terrible due to the narrow Park Lot. Thanks to the owner Shen Caiyuans patience, he insists on cooking the most authentic dishes.


Gradually, the restaurant is more and more popular and attracts diners all over the city.

People come here always for a bite of fresh food. Because all vegetables in store are fresh-cut. They never buy them from the market. For decades, all purchases were checked by Shen Caiyuan and his wife.


Wild duck, fish head and stinky tofu are also popular among customers.


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